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Brian McCulloch said on Aug 28, 2018 3:46 AM

My wife and I could write a book about our birthing experience, as I would imagine all other couples could... Simply put, it was a trying, amazing, challenging, and a wildly exciting experience. We are thankful to Tammy Stokes and the whole Birth Your Way team for providing care, support, and compassion, not to mention being an incredible resource for all things 'baby' to help us care for our baby boy. My wife and I look back with fond memories of our birth experience and know that without a safe-space like Birth Your Way the only positive-note of the whole process might have been coming home with our son (at least that is the way it seems for our friends who went the hospital route, broadly speaking). That is why we are thankful for the community and personal touch that Tammy and her team gave, and continue to give, us through this process as we work to be the best care-givers and parents we are capable of for our young boy. Thank you Brith Your Way, I cannot imagine going through that adventure without your expertise! P.S.: This was HANDS-DOWN, money well spent, if only every interaction with the medical community was this positive we I might not despise doctor visits or going to the dentist...but hey, there is only one Tammy!

Arturo Cruz Obando said on Jul 13, 2017 5:27 AM

Getting the news that you are having a baby is always a blessing, but all of that can turn in to a really stressful experience. My wife and I had our first baby four years ago in a public hospital in Costa Rica. Going in, we where nervous not knowing what to expect. As soon as we checked in, the nightmare began. We were separated right away and I was not allowed to labor with my wife. I had no idea what was going on until she was brought into the delivery room. Once in there, we were mistreated. We had questions that the doctors and nurses wouldn’t answer and we weren’t supported. Nobody taught my wife how to breathe and push effectively and that caused the labor to be very long. Also, it wasn’t safe, because part of her placenta was left in and she almost bled out. When we found out that we were pregnant with our second child, we were excited, but very scared. I was afraid for my wife’s safety. That all changed when we met Tammy and her team. Right away we felt safe, informed and included. I never worried for my wife throughout the whole pregnancy and labor. Tammy and her team were professional, competent and caring. They made sure we knew what was best for my wife’s and baby’s health and provided great after birth care, allowing my wife to recover quickly and healthfully. As well as feeling safe, we were always informed and prepped for what was coming. The information provided was interactive, clear and easy to understand. All our questions were answered right away with the reasoning behind it. We took the prep class as well and it was worth every penny. It gave us a chance to talk more in-depth about what we felt and figure out how to communicate with each other during labor. During the labor, they continued to teach my wife how and when to push, when and how to relax and how to position in ways that helped the birth progress. The best part of the experience, was being able to labor as a whole family. I got to be with my wife the whole time, coaching and supporting her the whole time. The empowered me to be apart of the process and taught me where to be and what to do. My 4-year-old daughter also got to be there the whole time. The team included her in the process, giving her gloves, explaining what she saw and allowing her to cut the umbilical cord. Overall, we are very happy with Tammy and her amazing team. We will always be grateful for everything they did for us.

Katherine O. said on Apr 15, 2017 3:16 AM

We delivered at the Birth Center on December 23, 2016! When we found out we were pregnant, with my first child, I knew I did not want a traditional western practitioner or a traditional western birth. I wanted the person I saw throughout my pregnancy to deliver my child, in a way that was not intrusive to my body, yet safe for my child. I began to research birth options and I felt a strong calling from within to have my baby born free of medication and to have the experience of being fully present as my child passed into this world, yet I felt defeated when I would try to talk with one of the various OBGYN's I was scheduled with through my insurance group. Early on during pregnancy my husband and I visited Birth Your Way, we did not automatically transfer our care there because everything would have been free through our insurance to birth the "traditional American way." However, the care we received through the traditional OBGYN was impersonal and at times inappropriate. Pregnancy and birth are something that not only affects the mother but the entire family unit, we found that the OBGYN and the traditional approach did not include the entire family unit. It was as though my husband did not participate in creating the life I carried, as he was ignored at each OBGYN prenatal visit, not to mention my step son was not permitted to come to appointments with my husband and I. We wanted our entire family, including my stepson, to be included in the prenatal process. Just before I reached the half way point during pregnancy we transferred care to Birth Your Way. The difference between services provided was night and day. The staff at the birth center was knowledgeable about natural remedies to alleviate negative pregnancy symptoms, get breech babies to turn, as well as post partum care/symptoms. The care received from the birth center staff was very warm, nonjudgmental, and welcoming. My stepson and husband were treated with respect, dignity, and Tammy and Brittney had a genuine interest in their wellbeing. My stepson went to various appointments, he was able to hear his sister's heartbeat, and was asked how he wanted to be included in her birth, and what his interests as a person were. This was very important for my husband and I as we wanted him to feel a connection to his sister before she was born. Tammy, Brittney, and the other staff addressed and acknowledged that my husband was also going through changes during the process of pregnancy, which allowed us to become even more bonded throughout the process. I hear about experiences from people who have their babies in a hospital setting and I am even more grateful for my birth experience. I felt empowered and supported during pregnancy, labor, and post partum. I was able to begin labor at home, I was not pressured to "hurry along and deliver," or to do anything I was not comfortable with. I felt supported as I passed my due date, with regular check ins at the birth center to make sure our baby was continuing to thrive in the womb. Once labor began Tammy checked in with both my husband and I continually to determine when we would need to arrive at the birth center. Once we arrived at the birth center, we were greeted with the same warmth and authenticity we received throughout the process, however, because the staff had taken the opportunity to get to know us, some of our struggles, and differences in demeanor and personality, they were able to pick up where we were weak, and assist when needed. The process of labor and each intervention was explained thoroughly before completed, we did not feel hurried or pressured. I was able to labor how I wanted to, I was able to listen to what my body needed, and my care was not "placed in a box." My husband and I had a beautiful birth, we welcomed our sweet baby daughter not many hours after arriving at the birth center. Our post partum care and support was also phenomenal, something completely incomparable to what is described to me by women who birth with a traditional OBGYN. Tammy would check in with my husband and I daily the first few days after birth, and two days after birth we had a follow up appointment. The staff encourages breast feeding and is very supportive to mother's regarding the difficulties that come with breast feeding. The staff also is supportive and honest about post partum issues, both for the mother, the partner, and the changes in the family. I continue to hold my birth experience close to my heart, each time I look at my baby I am reminded of the beautiful women who helped me bring her safely into this world. Tammy and Brittney understand the importance of safe and loving relationships in the birthing process where a woman and her family can be vulnerable with their fears, their past experiences, and their struggles. I am eternally grateful for my birth experience and for the opportunity to meet such open hearted and authentic women who are committed to empowering women and their families to birth without fear and judgment.

Katie Juretich said on Jan 27, 2017 8:03 AM

I felt very strongly about being a part of my birth plan & having a voice in what I wanted for my labor and delivery, so when I found Birth Your Way I knew it was where I wanted to be. Tammy & Brittany worked with me throughout my pregnancy preparing me for the process of birth. What I really valued was the relationship we built during my pregnancy and the trust that was built during this time. I felt heard when I had questions or concerns about the birthing process and comfortable that Tammy supported my birth plan. It was nice knowing that we were all on the same page for the big day. My pregnancy was comfortable and stress-free and I think much of that was based on this relationship we built. When I was finally in labor, things progressed quickly and easily; again I attribute this to the trust in Tammy and my body. The birth center was clean & comfortable. There aren’t many rules, like the hospital, which is nice. I was able to do what I needed to in order to feel comfortable & supported, which was very important to me. The whole experience was personal, which I doubt I would have gotten elsewhere. It truly was BIRTHING MY WAY. The experience was beautiful, amazing & such a special day. I will come to Tammy for every birth I have in the future for she was personal, professional and so knowledgeable. Beyond all those traits, she became a friend that brought my beautiful son into this world safely and for that I thank her. I felt empowered by birthing naturally and had so much love and support that I wouldn’t birth any other way. Again, to me the most important aspect of this process was the trust, which I built along the way and knowing Tammy would be there with me during delivery no matter what.

Amber L. said on Jan 26, 2017 7:34 AM

Where do I start? The team at Birth Your Way is absolutely AMAZING. When I found out I was pregnant with my 3rd child, I immediately knew I wanted to have her outside of the hospital in a more comfortable setting where I can call the shots as long as we are safe. I wanted a more natural approach. I didn't want to be forced into being put on pitocin. I didn't want monitors strapped to my belly with an IV in my arm and a BP cuff constantly checking my blood pressure every 15 minutes. I wanted a safe water birth without medication in a comfortable place surrounded by people that supported me and my decisions. I began searching for birthing centers around Moreno Valley. I schedule 4 tours. The first one I went to was awful. I went in thinking that they were going to give me information. Being that it was my first time going to a birthing center, I didn't really know what to ask. It was awkward to say the least. The 2nd birthing center I toured was Birth Your Way located in Yucaipa. I met Tammy and she was so welcoming. I felt part of her family from the start. When I left, I knew that Tammy HAD to be my Midwife and I HAD to give birth at Birth Your Way. Prenatal visits were very informative. No long waits and I was able to bring my kids. The one thing that I love about going to my prenatal visits were we would just sit and talk. That is something that you can't find at a hospital. When it came time to rock and roll, I chose to labor mostly at home. Once I arrived at the birthing center, I blinked and we were walking out a few hours later. It was like going through a drive thru! I will say this, like I tell everyone..I had the birth of my dreams. My birthing experience was phenomenal. I know for a fact that I wouldn't have been able to have that same experience without Tammy, Jeanine and Brittany. I felt empowered and I was in a state of euphoria the whole time. I LOVE telling people about my birth and talking about my experience. I recommend Birth Your Way to anyone and everyone who is pregnant and wants to literally birth your way. Thank you Tammy, Jeanine and Brittany for being absolutely amazing at what you do. My life is changed forever!

Jason N Mardiana said on Nov 2, 2016 1:57 AM

My wife and I wanted a home birth but we live 45 minutes from a hospital and this was our first child so we were not comfortable with doing this at home. The birth center was the solution! We did not feel like we were on a conveyor belt at a factory like hospitals seem to function. This was the best experience! We are so glad we went with the birth center. Tammy, Britney and Jeannine are a great team. We felt confident that we were in good hands, and with people that really care! Our visits with Tammy before and after the birth are more than you would get from an OBGYN, She even noticed things that our doctor missed. My wife and I would definately choose this option again.

Nari Hanna said on Sep 5, 2016 8:06 AM

LOVE Tammy and Birth Your Way! My husband and I just recently moved to the area (so we had no clue what was available) and we are very into more natural methods for health. A hospital was out of the question so we originally wanted a home birth. But since this was our first child, it was a bit intimidating to do that on the first go. A birth center was PERFECT so I began researching birth centers in the area and what to look for in a midwife and birth center. As a new mom, I'm sure it's understandable that I was doing a ton of research and reading a bunch of blogs. My husband made fun of me for it. :) Anyway, on the first interview with Tammy I just felt like it really clicked for me. I didn't need to interview anyone else! She was so knowledgeable and honest and upfront about everything! And I felt her positive upbeat and light spirit really resonated with what I was looking for for my first birth. She was also very accommodating with offering me knowledge and references for things like essential oils, hyponobirthing audios, prenatal exercises, relationship with my husband, coping with all the chemical imbalances that happen along the way and after, breastfeeding, etc. It all helped my husband and I feel not just confident in her, but confident in ourselves. Empowered that we could really have a birth the way we wanted it. I am so grateful to Tammy, her team, and daughter Brittany (I hope I'm spelling that right!). My birth experience ended up really out of the book, in my opinion. At least not what I had been reading in those blogs. No natural progression of contractions. In fact I didn't know I was is labor until my water broke and I was already ready to push! We arrived at the birth center and I'm trying my hardest NOT to push our daughter out in the parking lot! At first we all thought this would be pretty quick, but my daughter had other plans and tried to come the wrong way 2-3 times (I can't remember the exact number). But Tammy and her team talked me through it all and rolled with every strange punch our little one had in mind and it turned out beautifully the day before my first Mother's Day. :) After the excitement meeting with Tammy to keep up with my healing process and how our daughter was doing was always a pleasure. I loved the honest and frank conversations. They always felt more like visits with a friend than just some cold and clinical appointment. Thank goodness. Thank you Tammy and everyone! And keep up the awesomeness!! <3

Brandon Tidmus said on Aug 31, 2016 1:04 PM

When my wife, Kelsea and I found out she was pregnant, I was nervous (but supportive) about the idea of having a natural birth. I knew so little at the time about the birthing process, so the idea of having a baby in an environment other than a Hospital sounded crazy. After watching “The Business of Being Born” and listening to the results of Kelsea's (seemingly endless) research, I accepted the possibility that a natural birth was actually less scary than a Hospital birth. Kelsea began looking for a local Midwife. She set up an appointment with Tammy and, after meeting with her, we knew immediately that we wanted her to be our Midwife. For every question we asked, Tammy had an answer that more than satisfied our curious minds! With each passing appointment, we felt ourselves becoming more and more excited to meet our little man! On June 15th, 2016 at 7:50 pm, Kelsea and I welcomed our first child, Sawyer Allen Tidmus into the world at Birth Your Way in Yucaipa. He was 10 lbs 5.5 oz and 22 inches long! What a BIG boy! Tammy, Kathy and Brittany were so supportive through Kelsea's labor! I believe their motto of “I CAN AND I WILL” really helped Kelsea through the entire process. During delivery, we were all astonished by how big Sawyer was! Tammy made sure that he was delivered safely. She has become, sort of an unofficial part of our family. We could not imagine having a better Midwife than Tammy.

Michelle Merry said on Jul 28, 2016 1:12 PM

Putting my Birth Center expirience into words is incredibly challenging. When I think of my daughters birth, and sweet Midwife Tammy and the rest of the gang, my heart overflows with love and happiness. Tammy and I go way back to 2011, I was 19,when I had my first daughter at a different birth center...and from the moment that I met Tammy, I felt like I had someone on my side, someone who shared all the information possible, and someone who really made me feel sure that I could handle everything that was changing in my life. I got to do my birth class with a sweet friend of ours at Tammy's very first location of the Birth Your Way Birth Center, which was absolutley the most informative and nerve calming thing I could have done at that time. Fast forward to summer/fall of 2015, I am pregnant with my second, with a new person in my life. Obviously I knew I wanted to have another birthing center birth, I loved my first daughter's birth, even though I didn't get to deliver in the tub like I wanted to, in the end I couldn't imagine being anywhere else. Unfortunatley the birth center I had my first daughter at is closed now so I already knew I was going to have a hard time finding one that worked with my insurance. I started my prenatel care with Birth Your Way a little later in the game, I think around 32 weeks, but even before that Tammy was there for me to answer any questions or point me in the direction of whatever it was that I needed. And of course once I was actually a patient with Birth Your Way, Tammy and I were in contact every week typically and at the end there it was every day. She always made sure I was doing okay mentally and physically. At the end I started getting a lot of doubts about my ability to birth. I was terrified. I wanted my 4 year old daughter who has autism and my 2 year old stepson there too, which had the potential to be a really stressful situation. But Tammy supported me and what I wanted and made sure that we covered any questions and all the possibilities that could come up. She made sure I had the information that would help me birth without being afraid and made sure I believed in myself. She even made sure I got my iron levels up from my recent kidney infection that had me hospitalized at 36ish weeks. Tammy was there to make me feel secure in whatever was coming my way the entire time. And she made sure my fiance was on the same page with us too. And of course when it came time to deliver my beautiful daughter number two, Tammy and the rest of the wonderful staff made sure that I knew what was going on every step of the way, which was important because when my water broke it had meconium in it and I just had a friend almost lose her baby from breathing that in. Because of that, I was not able to even labor in the tub which immediatley was 100% not what I had planned. It didn't matter though, Tammy ensured me that my sweet Meadow would be there soon, and she was, and it was all perfect, every minute of it. I remember driving home telling my fiance what an amazing team everyone was, during my birth I kept finding myself watching them work together, sometimes without even words. These women work together beautifully, and I am so thankful to have had such an amazing team and thankful to know so many other women get to have this amazing team with them to welcome all these wondrous creations into the world. We love you Birth Your Way, thank you all so much ♡♡♡♡♡

Aubrey, Jason and Baby Amani said on Jul 28, 2016 10:55 AM

No words can truly express the gratitude and appreciation we have for Tammy and her team. Birth Your Way allowed us to experience the birth of our second child in our own special and unique way. After a trauma filled first labor and delivery, We were scared. Tammy assured us that we could have the birth experience we wanted, and needed. She was more than right. She never once told us what we SHOULD do. She provided ample information and support to allow us to make our own informed decisions, while also offering professional and experienced suggestions. Our daughter was born happy and healthy, and best of all, drug and trauma free! Our dreams had come true when we got to take her home that same night. Tammy erased our fears and anxieties. I wish every woman had the opportunity to experience labor and delivery in the presence of such a caring and understanding caregiver. I want to shout from the rooftops that no woman has to do what a doctor, who has no investment in you or your baby says "you have to do". There is a person here to give you the birth you and your baby deserve. The process of bringing new life into this crazy world should be as innocent and beautiful as the baby in your belly. Tammy allowed for love to be grown and shared, and birthed! Even when I started to feel like I couldn't do it, she was there to remind me I could, and was going to. All with a smile. Never did I feel like a stranger in her care. She and her loving team, went above and beyond to fulfill and exceed all expectations and needs. Even after our little one arrived, Tammy's care and love was still present and strong. We will definitely be spreading the word about Birth Your Way, and be returning for the next baby!

Sandra T. said on Jul 26, 2016 5:08 AM

My birth was not at all what I expected, but Tammy was there for us every step of the way. I began seeing Tammy for a pregnancy which resulted in miscarriage. She kept in touch and checked on me afterward, and I again called her when I had another miscarriage. When I became pregnant again, I began seeing an ob/gyn due to my insurance, but kept in touch with Tammy. After a bad appointment with the ob/gyn where I could hear the staff discussing my weight gain (I gained 35 pounds total with this baby) and they also insisted I was diabetic and had been tested twice with normal results, so I called Tammy and we came to the agreement that she would take over my care from then on. I have large babies and she was honest about what could go wrong and how to best avoid those things. Any time I had a question she was there for me. I was able to have a say in what happened during delivery, not what you experience when you go through an ob/gyn! I would definitely recommend Tammy....the experience at Birth Your Way was a personal one, I was treated with respect, I could make decisions. My husband and I were very satisfied with the birth of our daughter. He even got his hands dirty since she came a lot quicker than we anticipated! And going home the same day was wonderful. Tammy is great at what she does and I am glad I've come to know her.

Rebecca Brooks said on Jul 25, 2016 9:19 AM

I moved to California almost halfway through my pregnancy, and immediately tried to find an OB practice that I'd like. When one option left me very discouraged, I decided to look for a midwife to assist me through this pregnancy, and I'm so glad I did! I knew this baby (my 5th) would be my last one, and I just really wanted the remainder of my pregnancy to be an experience I could enjoy and look back on without regrets. Tammy was so wonderful to work with! She honestly answered all of the questions my husband and I had when we first met her, and she really helped me to become my own healthcare advocate throughout my pregnancy. I'm pretty sure every woman deserves to have a Tammy! She truly cares for all of her moms and their families. When my son was born, I'm so glad I had her there to talk me through the whole process and to reassure me that I was more than capable. I really wish that I had her around for my other pregnancies and births! This was the first time out of all my pregnancies where I really felt like the birthing process is a beautiful experience. In the short time since my son's birth, I have taken every opportunity to tell friends and complete strangers just how much I love Birth Your Way and the people who make it such a special place.

Theresa Hearen said on Feb 14, 2016 3:03 AM

Words can not explain how much the birth center changed my life. Starting from the beginning, my Sister-in-law went to the birth center for her second kid and loved it. She always talked about how well her experience at the birth center was, so when I finally got to meet Tammy she told me to come in for a consultation. My husband and I saw Tammy and got a tour around the center. When walking around the center you get a homie feel and when you walk around you also get the "safe" feeling also. Each room is different and has different options. So I changed all the paper work to Tammy and knew this was the right choice, even at 34 weeks. We did a birthing plan and picked my room I wanted my baby born in. So when it was all was good to go. This was my 1st baby and everyone says the you never have them on time when its your 1st. I was due the 21st of November. The 20th of November came around and that morning I went to the center because I thought that my water broke. Tammy reinsured me that it wasn't that and I was 3 cmm. dilated and i should go walk around enjoy my day. I did just that. Around 5pm i started feeling uncomfortable, so i sat on my yoga ball and felt fine. Hours passed and still ok, about 1am I was grabbing the wall and yelling at my husband to call Tammy!! Took us about 20mins to get the birth center. We arrived around 1:30am, when we got there I went to the bathroom and my water broke and I went poop in the toilet (I was thankful for that) , because everyone hears about the pooping when giving birth and the water breaking in a random spot. After my bathroom trip I went back to the room and got on all fours while my husband held my hips. soon after i had to get on the bed all in matter of minutes i felt like i had to poop again and my hips and lower area were all splitting in half. I rolled on my back and Tammy told me to breath and come back to a good place. as soon as she got me to listen to her I felt my baby's head and and she came right out. I had her at 2:43am. This was by far the best choice my husband and i made. and i hope you do the same, the memories and experience, I wouldn't change it for the world. Tammy has a special place in mine and my husband's heart and we are so thankful for that.

Megan Meraz said on Jan 23, 2016 0:10 AM

When I found out I was having my 4th child, I knew I wanted to have him naturally. I was denied this possibility with my first 3 kids in a hospital. Immediately, I was impressed with the Birth Your Way center...specifically Tammy! She is warm, sweet, friendly, and very knowledgeable. This pregnancy was difficult for me, but Tammy was there any time I had a question. Her visits are not a normal doctors visit! She sits and learns about you, asks you questions, and after 9 months…becomes a very good friend! Another powerful testimony to Tammy’s skills and ability is that my husband was not happy I chose this method for this pregnancy. He was the biggest skeptic! Delivery day: everything progressed just fine, Tammy and her birth team is there to guide and direct you to have your best experience! When it was time to push, there was a slight scare with the way he was coming out. Tammy, very calm but firm, said to change positions now! He came right out! This moment has been talked about in my family afterwards as extremely scary, but not to me. The relationship I built with Tammy calmed my fears and I knew she knew what she was doing! Needless to say, my husband, the worlds biggest skeptic, is now a HUGE supporter! He loved and was thoroughly impressed every moment of our delivery! I loved my experience here and am sad this is my last baby (only that I don’t get to come back for this experience). I did get to meet Maria for 1 appointment and she was very kind and knowledgeable! In addition to Tammy and the birth center, I met Brittany. She is a phenomenal masseuse! Her hands knew exactly where to work for all my pregnancy aches and pains. Brittany is located right inside the birth center, so it is nice and convenient!!! Love Birth Your Way! Love Tammy! Thank you for my little guy!!!

Lydia Rey said on Jan 14, 2016 1:31 AM

I can't remember if I posted on here but if i did, I'll do it again because I love this place so darn much. I found Tammy a few months before I got married because I knew my husband and I would probably get pregnant soon after. We Immediately connected and I knew I not only found my midwife, but also a true friend. In August of 2014 I found out I was pregnant! unfortunately, I misscarried a few days later. Tammy was right there to support means help me through the greiving process. Surprisingly I was pregnant 1 month later. Tammy was always there for me to answer my questions and calm my fears. When Labor Day came (5-13-15), it was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. My baby was stuck for quite awhile. Tammy was right by my side helping me through my contractions and reminding me to breathe. Although it wasn't the birth I imagined, it was still beautiful. Tammy kept me in control of my body and when I lost control she brought me right back. And her assistants were amazing as well. Brittany's massages were from heaven and Jeannine's support was much needed. What I love most about this place is the genuine relationships I have with all of these AMAZING women. I love you guys!

Sadey Johnson said on Jan 7, 2016 4:19 AM

My husband and I just had our first baby, a beautiful happy boy! I was referred to the birth center by a friend, and Tammy was there to help me through my pregnancy. I could not have asked for a better experience! Not only was this my first pregnancy so I was a little nervous, I also have a lot going on in my personal life. I found so much more than just medical care. Tammy and the staff there at the center really became like family to me. I had such a support system in them. The center has so much to offer, like prenatal yoga, East sensual oils To serve as natural remedies, a masseuse, A breast-feeding class A breast-feeding class etc. ... the staff are so Open and helpful and knowledgeable. They really are all about what you need, protecting your experience, keeping you safe, and making you comfortable. I cannot imagine getting the same kind of care and attention I received from I received from Tammy, had I decided to go to a regular OB. I cannot wait to be back for any future little ones! =)

Gabriella Maureen Robles said on Jan 6, 2016 2:37 AM

Like a vast majority of people, my husband and I never knew what a birth center was or that they even existed. That is until I went to nursing school and had a clinical rotatoon through one. It greatly opened my eyes to the very poor attitude our western society has towards maternal-fetal health. With the help of my dear friend, I did some research on alternative birthing options and found Birth Your Way Birth Center. From day one I felt such a sweet and bright energy exuding from my lovely midwife, Tammy Stokes! I felt at ease and with great peace knowing my son and I were under her care. For that one whole hour we received every prenatal checkup, we felt so valuable and important. Something you don't really get at a doctor's visit. Her knowledge base greatly softened my husband's reservations about us having our first child outside of a hospital. He eventually wanted a home birth, but our insurance sadly did not cover home births. She helped to empower me throughout my pregnancy and during labor. I felt like giving up but she gently gave me that push I needed to continue on. We are forever grateful for Tammy. We will definitely be having all our future children at Birth Your Way! THANK YOU, TAMMY!

Rebeca Coronado said on Jan 4, 2016 11:10 PM

I found Birth Your Way through a very close friend of mine who also gave birth here. I had always known I didn't want to have a "traditional" hospital birth after my mom had had a very traumatic experience during my delivery, but I never knew anything about midwifery. Meeting Tammy however pushed aside any doubts my husband Jon and I had. She was incredibly supportive of every choice we made and she helped me feel fearless about birth. I've always been a bit of a whimp and I thought natural birth was something I could never do. She kept me positive and encouraged me every prenatal visit. When it finally came time to have my sweet baby boy, Tammy and her two lovely assistants where the most loving and encouraging people. They literally held my hand throughout the whole process and with the help of my husband I felt like my labor and delivery went perfectly. Tammy and her team at Birth Your Way taught me to appreciate the beauty behind birth and to not fear it. I can now wholeheartedly say that I am not afraid of the process of giving birth and it's something I would happily go through again.

John Zuccarini said on Jan 3, 2016 8:02 AM

From the moment I knew my wife was pregnant again, I knew that I had a lot to do and prepare for. The most important piece was my wife having a birthing experience that she would not regret. Our first child was born at a place that gave us no options, gave us one road to follow and made us fear for the life of our unborn child. In order for the sanity of my family we needed a place that would make us feel at home, safe and most importantly protected. Birth Your Way gave us that feeling from the moment we walked into those doors until the time our baby was born. Honestly I wanted my wife to have an experience that wouldn't cloud her judgment on having another child in our future. I wasn't a part of much up until the birth, because of our first child's attention span but when our unborn decided it was time I was more apart of it than I could of handled. Not knowing what is supposed to happen at a birth was scary but they knew. Tammy, our midwife made everything seem so easy and natural that even when I chose to step out of the way, she had everything under control. This place has given me hope and confidence that a hospital isn't the only place to have a baby. I or my wife won't ever have to be bullied again like the first child's birth. If you want the birth of a child that you, your wife and your family can happily remember call Birth Your Way and get a doula!

Susanna Zuccarini said on Jan 3, 2016 7:48 AM

My dearest Midwife Tammy, Thank you for giving me the birth of my dreams. Thank you for welcoming me into your heart and caring just as much about my birth experience as I did! Thank you for answering every single question throughout my pregnancy and birth, all while allowing me to make decisions that I felt were right for my birth and my family. Thank you for respecting those wishes with every ounce of your being. Thank you for supporting me through the anxiety and depression that my PTSD threw at me throughout my pregnancy and birth, and never once judging me. Thank you for answering late night calls of concern and redundant texts confirming your guidance that had slipped my mind. Thank you for getting me through my contractions and helping me keep my focus as my beautiful baby girl made her way earth-side. Thank you for helping me heal from the horrid hospital birth that I had with my first pregnancy and showing me how calm and peaceful birth can be. Most importantly, thank you Midwife Tammy for being the beautiful person that you are inside and out. I had prayed for a beautiful healing birth, and God answered my prayers with you! With all of the love in my heart, Susanna Zuccarini

Deanna Lesher said on Jan 1, 2016 11:57 PM

Tammy and Maria are fantastic. Tammy has been my midwife since I learned I was pregnant in February. I delivered my baby girl on Sunday and Tammy and the whole Birth Center Staff have been incredibly attentive and completely available to me and my husband and our daughter before, during and after my delivery. What I love most about working with Birth Your Way is that I always feel like I'm a priority even when I know they are seeing multiple women and babies simultaneously. They use an online portal for medical charts so no matter where I am, I have access to my records if needed. I received all of the standard testing and screenings that one normally would during pregnancy but it was done in a relaxed environment at the center or, for things like the in-depth anatomy scan, I was referred to an ultrasound clinic that the birth center has developed a strong relationship with. All of my appointments lasted a full hour and every question I had was answered in thorough manner. Tammy and Maria give every client their cell phone numbers so you also have access to them any time you might have a question or concern. The birth center also offers lactation consulting via Maria a certified Nurse midwife and lactation consultant. My daughter had a tongue tie and Maria was able to assess her condition and performed a frenulectomy on her yesterday. She is also working with us on feeding and latching issues. It is my understanding that Maria is one of the only providers to offer this service in the area. There are a TON of resources at the Birth Center that make it easy to be a new parent from essential oils classes, massages, yoga, lactation help- infant feeding cafes, on site ultrasounds and just all around helpfulness. I would use their services again in a heart beat. My situation proved to be a bit complicated and while laboring at the birth center for several hours, we ultimately had to go to the hospital to deliver my baby. With that said, I fully trusted that Tammy was making the right decision for my family and she accompanied me to the hospital and was right by my side as my daughter was born, acting as a coach to see us through. I realize that an "out of hospital" birth is not for everyone, but if you're considering it, you really can't go wrong with Birth Your Way. I'm happy to provide a recommendation about BYW to anyone who might have questions or want more information. Please feel free to message me privately about my experience.

Amanda Ling said on Jan 1, 2016 11:55 PM

I recently had my baby at Birth Your Way Birthing Center on December 14th and my experience was absolutely amazing! Maria was my midwife at the beginning of my pregnancy but due to my insurance I had to do most of my prenatal care with an OB but I did return at 34 weeks and they welcomed me back with open arms. The staff is amazing and so helpful. and I was so happy I got to come back and give birth here! It was a completely different experience than with my first (I had her at a hospital) and wish I would have had her here as well! Maria is wonderful! and she was amazing when I finally went into labor . My baby was faced the wrong way so it was slowing my labor down but with a few different positions we got him to move and shortly after gave birth to my healthy baby boy! I don't think any doctor would take the time to show you how to get baby to move to help with your labor JS smile emoticon I also had him in water which was truly amazing! I did lose my focus a couple times though lol but Maria got my focus back and where it needed to be. My recovery was nothing like my first as well! I was home and in bed only 4hrs after I had my baby! That was awesome! not having to stay in a hospital bed being woke up with people coming in and out all night and day. I honestly felt great after I had him. I would recommend this facility to everyone. Thank you so much again for everything if and when I have another baby this is the place I would chose to have him/her:-))

Megan Bunnell said on Mar 8, 2015 9:29 AM

This testimonial is a long-time coming. I've been trying to come up with the words that can express the miracle of BYW - but to be honest, there are no words - so please bear with me as I share my experience. I started on the "normal route" going through a hospital and OBGYN. I received spotted unfocused attention at best. Frustrated by this, but not knowing another option, I stayed. And then I met the wonderful team at BYW. Tammy, Maria, and Jeanine have been phenomenal. The moment I met them I received very caring, informative, and personalized attention - and made this special time in my life seem just that - special. Throughout my time with them they were very patient with my questions, thorough with our visits, and open to letting us make the decisions best for our journey. The culture of their services is very warm, compassionate, and beyond competent. Because of my experience with the ladies at BYW I would never consider having my babies anywhere else. Each of the ladies goes above and beyond to make your pregnancy and birthing experience a stress-free and amazing journey. Tammy, Maria, Jeanine - thank you, thank you, thank you. I am so very blessed and lucky that I found you all and had the opportunity to welcome my new Little Man into my life with the BYW family. My experience was PERFECT - I couldn't have asked for more.

Lucy Bruchet said on Jan 24, 2015 7:12 AM

I first found Tammy and the Birth Your Way Birth Center while living in Canada. When I found out we would be moving back to California I immediately started researching midwives because I wanted a natural child birth experience. I knew immediately I had found the right place the moment I spoke to Tammy on the phone. She was so knowledgeable and informative. And you could tell she was truly passionate about her profession. My feelings were further confirmed after visiting the Birth Center. I felt instantly at home. The perfect environment to bring a baby into the world. Tammy spent so much time with us during our prenatal appointments and was always available by phone or text for any questions. She really built a relationship with us and took the time to get to know us as a couple and a family. I went into labor a day before the 42 week mark. At the birth center, I felt like I was in such good hands. Tammy and Jeanine were the best cheerleaders. I felt so safe and felt so much love. They helped me and my husband every step of the way and provided me all the support I needed. I was so appreciative of the care during such an intense time. Because I was 42 weeks and the baby wasn't progressing down the birth canal, I had to be transferred to the hospital. But Tammy made the transfer process easy and took care of us so we didn't have any stress. She also assisted us at the hospital which put my mind at ease since she is the one we came to know and trust. I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and the whole experience was amazing! Please don't look further and choose Birth Your Way for your birthing experience. You will be so happy with your choice!

Christie Firtha said on Aug 8, 2014 5:47 AM

My husband and I count ourselves lucky to have found Tammy and the Birth Your Way Center during the last half of my pregnancy. She and Jeanine provided excellent pre- and post-partum care. They were very informative and supportive in helping my husband and I to understand our pregnancy and what to expect during and after. I had hoped to deliver at the birth center but ended up delivering c-section. Tammy was there every step of the way. She accompanied us to the hospital and helped us wade through the dizzying array of medical choices we were presented with there. She also offered helpful recommendations and explained her reasoning. On a personal level, we found Tammy to be a darling--she is friendly and upbeat, a great coach, and has a talent for streamlining medical and office procedures. If my husband I decide to have another child, Tammy will be the first person we call.

Leticia Mier said on Aug 2, 2014 6:07 AM

I met Tammy 6 years ago when I was pregnant with my first son, Manuel. After our very first appointment I felt such a strong connection to her that I knew she was the person I wanted to deliver my son. Her genuine warmth and caring for her patients beams through her. She didn't have her own birth center at the time but I made sure all of my appointments were booked with her. She always gave me the care I needed, whether it was talking at our appointments or anytime I had paranoia after hours , she always put my mind at ease. Tammy read me affirmations while I labored and helped apply counter pressure to my back when I needed it. I felt completely supported during labor and delivery. I knew I was in good hands. Tammy delivered my son in February 2009 and it was such a great experience and she made sure I didn't tear in the process:) Fast forward to July 19th, 2014 Tammy brought my second son Luke into the world, this time via a lovely, peaceful home birth. I'm so grateful to Tammy and her assistant Jeanine. Everything went at my pace and I could feel progress with every contraction. I appreciated how little Tammy interfered. She monitored Luke when she had to but I never felt like it was disruptive. I walked around in a circle holding the back of a computer chair and listening to hynobabies that Tammy had on a flash drive, which totally helped keep me going. I think it's amazing how she knew when I was fully dilated just by listening to me. When it came time to push Tammy was the phenomenal at coaching and directing me. She coached me through 4 good pushes (15minutes) and my baby boy was here. I feel so empowered and blessed to have been able to bring both my sons into this world naturally. I truly know in my heart that I couldn't have done it without Tammy. She is a natural born midwife. She has so much knowledge and will share all of it. Im so proud of her for Opening her own birth center. I am forever grateful to have her in my life. She isn't just someone who delivered my sons, she's a dear friend that I love very much. I feel connected and bonded to her; the type of connection that lasts a lifetime.

Emmanuelle said on Mar 5, 2014 3:04 AM

I now have 4 precious children and Tammy has been there for me each time, with her amazing love and talent for making labor and birth so manageable. My most recent birth was the first one at home. Tammy got to my house at 7 in the morning and didn't leave until after midnight! Her and Jeanine's patience and support for me on that special day were saintly. I had my heart set on a home birth and I felt so blessed to have it made possible by Tammy and her team. Even though it took all day (slow labor) everything went so well and was exactly the way a birth should be, in a stress-free environment, (Home! :) with an incredibly kind, supportive birth team... Thank you so so much Tammy and everyone at Birth-your-way, and May God Bless you all in this extremely special task that you do!

Alicia Johnson said on Dec 16, 2013 9:28 AM

Tammy is my dear friend and I am truly blessed that she was there during the birth of my three children. She gave me the strength and support I needed. I believe that God has called her to be a midwife. Tammy has the ability to to keep you calm and reassures you that you have the strength to get through. She keeps you focused on how beautiful your baby is going to be once they are born. I don't believe I would have had such a good experience without all of her support and for that I am truly grateful.

Mallory Drazin said on Dec 14, 2013 7:50 AM

I cannot begin to say what a blessing the amazing ladies at Birth Your Way have been to me. Tammy helped to deliver my first daughter in 2011 and made such a wonderful impact on that experience that as soon as I became pregnant a second time I knew I wanted her to be involved in my care. Imagine our excitement when we learned she'd be located in Yucaipa, so close to our home! I've watched the birth center over Facebook from its announcement, then had the opportunity to experience it firsthand in prenatal appointments and, just recently, the birth of our second baby. The environment of the center is homey and comforting, the team is supportive, knowledgable, and give such wonderful, personalized care: Appointments never feel rushed. My husband, formerly un-opinionated about out-of-hospital birth, is a firm convert now, commenting to me recently in a hospital waiting room, "I'm so glad we didn't do this. Midwives are the way to go." From him, that's a big compliment! The midwives are really good about arming you with information, explaining every test and procedure, and answering questions in a clear, understandable way. Maria made a great impression on me with her knowledge and enthusiasm, I never felt talked-down to, and always came away having learned something new. One of my favorite images captured from my labor was one where Tammy let me hug her during an especially difficult contraction. This so beautifully illustrates the kind of care she (and the rest of the team) provides: warm, intuitive, loving. I have recommended Birth You Way to so many friends already, and plan, Lord willing, to have more babies here in the future!

Abigail Morris said on Dec 2, 2013 6:08 AM

I have 5 kids, and the last four Tammy was there as one of my midwives. She has been a wonderful Midwife and friend to me over the past six years. She took the time to know my family and care for me when I needed it. I plan On many more children and like I said with the last ones, Tammy better be there to help deliver them. I am so greatful for her being there.

Bethany said on Nov 10, 2013 8:36 AM

After 2 years, I still have a hard time talking about my birth experience, but it's important to me that I share with the world about my incredibly amazing Midwife, Tammy. I wanted to give birth naturally at the birth center, I had a great plan... With encouragement from my midwife team, including Tammy, I made it 24 hours with no drugs, but eventually gave in to the (back) pain and had to go to the hospital. This was NOT in my plans and I think I just shut down mentally. Tammy took over and stayed with me the entire time from beginning to end. She encouraged me during labor and kept me (and my husband) calm. I think she could see my fear and because of all the time we'd spent together during my pregnancy she knew what I would want. I trusted her completely. I specifically remember the doctors saying they were going to do an epidural, but I could only have one person in the room to help me, I chose Tammy. I knew she could keep me still and calm during my contractions (I didn't know it took so long to put in an epidural!) She grabbed onto my arms and helped me remember to breathe and stay still even during contractions. If I were blessed enough to have a second child, there's no question about who I would trust with my pregnancy & birth. Thank you Tammy for the amazing Midwife that you are, and congratulations to you for all your accomplishments including your own Birth Center! I hope I get to visit one day soon!

Kym Benner said on Jul 30, 2013 11:49 PM

WOW, gorgeousness and serenity abound in this beautiful new birth center! You automatically feel the warmth, good energy and peacefulness when you walk in! You must check it out and talk to the wonderful midwives who run it, you won't be disappointed.

Dixie Duncan said on Jul 28, 2013 2:42 AM

If you are even considering natural birth please go talk to Birth Your Way Birth Center. My first daughter was born in the hospital and it was such a cold experience. So half way through my second pregnancy, after touring that same hospital where my first daughter was born we made the decision to go natural. I first met Tammy at a Birth Center in Redlands and she was so calm and soothing at the time that I felt we had known each other for years and we had just met. She answered all my questions, addressed all my concerns and put my entire family at ease. The birth was rough, I'm not going to lie. But with Tammy by my side I knew I could do it. She always said the right things, and she was able to see when my husband needed a breather and that was golden to us. If it had not been for Tammy supporting my husband and I through the natural birth process I would have ended up at the hospital. It was her kind words and encouragement that pushed me forward. I look back now and I am so glad she was there and that I was able to have a natural birth. Feeling your child from that first kick to feeling them make their way down the birth canal, and then feeling their head before they are born is the most amazing experience. I am so glad that Tammy enabled us to have this experience. If you are even just thinking about if this is right for you go talk to them. I walked into their office for the first time today and was so relaxed and you will be too.

Alina Medina said on Jul 10, 2013 10:27 AM

When I think of Tammy, I think of comfort. If it wasn't for her, my birth experience would not have been the same. I would've gone into the hospital at 3-4 cm, like they tell you to do. And I would've labored and labored with those stupid chords on me all day long, not allowed to get up from the table and only allowed to be my back or side. I may have even given in to asking for an epidural in those circumstances. But she was there, and my birth experience was a great one! I felt very comfortable with her from the first phone call. She made me feel like a long-time friend. And she's still very nice even when you have to call her in the middle of the night, haha! During labor, she gently coached me through contractions and massaged me a bit which helped me feel better. Because of her knowledge and expertise, I felt I could trust her and labor at home longer, just like I wanted. When we arrived at the hospital, she was a great advocate for me. My OB/GYN originally said that I could only labor on my back or side, but because Tammy was there and well experienced, my doctor allowed me to walk, lunge, and be on all fours! Her support and encouragement helped me to deliver my baby all natural, and after that she visited and answered all my questions about breastfeeding and caring for a newborn, and told me what to expect. I'm definitely calling her again the next time that second pink line shows up! ;)

Emmanuelle said on Feb 27, 2013 10:24 AM

Tammy has been such an important part of our lives! She was there for all three of my births. I always felt very comfortable with her and she helped me get through the toughest parts of birthing by being calm, supportive, and reassuring. She is such a strong amazing person! Thank you Tammy for everything and we will be calling on you for our future children for sure. God Bless you!

Marisa said on Feb 22, 2013 11:11 PM

What can I say about Tammy that hasnt been said already? Tammy was an essential part of my birthing experiences. Oh yah and did I mention she attended all 3 of my births, all which resulted in drug free/vaginal births. Tammy has taught me so much about the art of birthing and I have applied that knowledge to each one of my births. My first delivery was 16 hours and Tammy was there for every second of it, i'm sure she was as exhausted as I was afterwards but she never wavered. My second baby was a totally different experience, she came to my house and within 45 minutes of her walking in the door my whole being relaxed and I went from a 3 to complete (total labor 2 hrs 20 minutes). My third and most recent delivery was even faster at 2 hours total. If you are an expectant motherand you want to experience the true miracle of birth you need Tammy because no one else has her knowledge and experience. My birth experiences were so incredibly empowering and I feel as though it has made me a better mother and woman. I hope you choose to start your new life as a mother on the right foot and Tammy can help you get there.

Beata said on Jan 9, 2012 11:16 AM

Tammy is one of the most amazing people, not just as a midwife, but as a person. She is so caring and goes so far out of her way to make you feel like you're not just another patient or a number. She takes the time to make you feel special, and it makes such a difference. My son was born at 33 weeks. I had planned on having him at the birth center, but he came early by emergency c-section. Having a baby in the NICU for a while made it extremely difficult for me to breastfeed with all the tubes on his face. When he finally had those taken off, Tammy came to the hospital and sat with me for hours trying to help me breastfeed my son. She has offered advice and expertise, and I trust her fully. She offers options, not just a set way things have to be done. My husband and I also took birth classes with her, and they were so great. Even though I didn't have the baby naturally, I did get to have contractions for a few hours before they took me to have the c section, and the breathing she taught me helped so much. She made me believe I could do it naturally and I felt more excited than scared because she made me feel that comfortable. And although I didn't get to have the natural birth I wanted, I know that for our next baby we will definitely be calling Tammy for a home birth because there's no one I would rather be there for such a personal and important experience. After months of trying to breastfeed my son, and with Tammy's help, he is finally able to breastfeed and my milk supply has gone up. My husband, my son and I will be forever grateful for the love, care and support she provided since we met her. I am excited with all that she will do in her career, because she has so much to offer, and will definitely go far and be respected in her field. Love you tammy!!

Jennifer Gail Castagner said on Nov 13, 2011 11:19 AM

It has been a year to the day that our son Alex was born with the help of Tammy! We first met her at IMS the Birth Center where my husband and I planned on a natural birth. We immediately felt comfortable with Tammy. She is very easy to talk with and fun to be around. I actually looked forward to my doctor visits. I went through some tough emotional times throughout my pregnancy and Tammy was, for me, a great support system and a friend who could relate to me on multiple levels. Even when our birth didn't go exactly as planned she kept me calm and grounded. Not to mention she stayed up with us all night, even though she had class early the next day, until our little guy decided to make his appearance. I will never forget the fun Tammy, my husband and I had talking and laughing into the wee hours of the morning. Tammy is an amazing person, period. :)

Donna Kilbreath said on Sep 22, 2011 10:21 AM

I am so very proud of you. You are a brave strong woman and an amazing example to us all. Lives will be touched and blessed by your presence.

Angie L said on Sep 22, 2011 8:52 AM

Tammy attended my birth as a student midwife and she really helped to make my experience a wonderful one. Just when I was about to lose it she got me focused and that allowed me to push my baby out. She is also a wonderful person to have as a friend and mentor. When I decided to become a doula I looked up to her and was able to attend a birth with her. It was an amazing and very bonding experience. When I decided to become a midwife, she provided and continues to provide me insights, tips and support. Thank you, Tammy for being an open, honest and wonderful person.

Kimra Diggs said on Sep 21, 2011 1:37 PM

My experience with Tammy has been amazing. After meeting Tammy I knew I wanted her to be with me when I delivered my baby. During pregnancy with my son, my husband and I attended her childbirth education classes and learned so much, including infant/toddler CPR, which I think is extremely important for all new parents to learn. Tammy went out of her way to learn about vegan pregnancy (since I'm vegan) so that she could assist me during my pregnancy to her best ability. Tammy went above and beyond the call of a doula birth assistant. She was with me in labor for days. She is SO knowledgeable about birth and I'm so grateful I had her with me when I was transferred to the hospital. The hospital was not part of my plan but having Tammy there really made the experience much more enjoyable. She answered every question I had about the hospital interventions and procedures, and helped me make decisions for my safety and the safety of my baby. She was a tremendous help during the pushing stage of labor. I love the breathing technique she guided me through during this stage. It helped me know that my baby was getting enough oxygen and that I was getting enough as well. I am currently pregnant again and Tammy is my doula again. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to have a safe, natural birth, either in a hospital or out-of-hospital. Tammy has a great energy and is an awesome birth assistant and friend.

Michelle S. said on Sep 13, 2011 10:15 AM

I first met Tammy at The IMS Birth Center in Redlands while pregnant with my son. Let me just say that my hubby and I clicked right away with Tammy, and we would stay extra-long at each of our prenatal checkups, because it’s always fun when Tammy’s around! Not only is Tammy hilarious and charismatic, but she’s also very knowledgeable in many different areas of childbirth. I wasn’t sure if Tammy was going to make it for the birth of my son, but she raced in from Los Angeles just so she could be present. We were really impressed with how wonderful Tammy was during all the different stages of labor. She was front and center when we needed her to be, but she also gave us space to experience the birth as solely a couple. As far as the actual birth went, I had some complications, but Tammy took control in a professional manner and she made everything and everyone right! Tammy has also been available by phone for some questions I’ve had after a YEAR of giving birth. How cool is that?! Tammy and I have laughed together, cried together and experienced a new life coming into this world together, and for all these things I am eternally grateful. I love you Tammy and would use you again in a heartbeat! Thank you for everything. ..

Theresa Saucedo said on Sep 13, 2011 8:42 AM

I've known Tammy just about my whole life and she has always been there for me no matter what. I took a preganancy test and it came back positive I wasn't sure what i was gonna do here I was 29 and my first baby. Tammy was the first person that went through my mind and was the first person I called, she got me in to see her right away and reality set in I was gonna be a mommy. I immediately knew that a natural birth is what we wanted and I knew we were in great hands. Tammy knew me better than i knew myself, she kept telling me " You can do this I know you can you are stronger than you know" and just then she opened my eyes to truly believe that I can do this. I had great support with a wonderful family behind me. On November 5, 2010 I went into labor with my beautful boy Landon Owen. Although it wasnt exactly how it was suppose to go Tammy was there to make sure I was calm. My son ended up being born at Loma Linda University Hospital due to drop in heart rate, his cord was wrapped around is body and when i pushed it constricted him. If it werent for Tammy's calmness and always reaffirming that I could do it I would have lost it. I am blessed and honored to have had her as my mid-wife as anyone would.

Corinne Kinman Jagt said on Sep 13, 2011 7:07 AM

have been working in the Inland Empire and Orange County in the birthing industry for six years. I have had the pleasure of assisting several births with Tammy. And several of my clients have taken her birthing classes. Tammy is my number one choice, I would choose her as my birth support should I have any more children. My experiences with Tammy have been wonderful. She is strong, educated, competant and compassionate. A combination rarely found. Along with those qualities Tammy is ready and willing to stay connected and offer support where and whenever it is needed. She has the ability to create an environment that includes the desires of her families, and well as maintaining good relationships with the other members of the medical staff. As for those clients that have taken her birthing classes, they have all walked away informed and empowered. ..

Letty Mier said on Sep 12, 2011 3:31 PM

We met Tammy 3 years ago when I was 9 weeks pregnant with my son. As soon as we talked with her we knew we wanted her to bring our baby into the world. She was so friendly and informative and she had a very comforting energy about her. We always looked forward to all of our prenatal visits. We are talkers and boy can we talk, but she never rushed us out the door or cut our appointments short. I went into labor on a Wednesday afternoon and immediately called Tammy on her cell. She helped me through my first few contractions-on the phone. I wanted my delivery to be completely natural, vaginally, no drugs. While I labored everything was so peaceful, the music, the dim lights, the affirmations, (all Tammy's idea) I remember escaping to a beautiful meadow. I love that she was there to guide me along the way. At 3:46am on February 19, 2009 Tammy delivered our beautiful baby boy, Manuel Germaine. I pushed for 2 hours! (Do your keagels ladies.) Manuel wasn't breathing well and I remember Tammy instructing me to just breathe, deep breaths and give my baby air, the umbilical cord was still attached. Seconds later he was fine. I, unfortunately was one of those rare cases, and I hemorrhaged after delivering my placenta, there was a piece that didn't detach. I was taken to the hospital, my boyfriend had to stay with the baby and I looked at Tammy and said," Please go with me." She arrived before I did. She held my hand the whole time at the hospital and assured me that I was going to be ok. The hospital kept me overnight, and Tammy came to see me first thing the next day. She showed me how to nurse my baby and kept in touch, always. Even now, my son is 2 1/2 I know that if I have a question or need advice I can call Tammy. She is amazing. She will always hold a special place in my heart. And I cant think of anyone else who I would want to deliver our future children.

Robyn Dry said on Aug 23, 2011 5:17 AM

Tammy is amazing! After having several medical complications with my first pregnancy, she met me at the hospital and was with me for over 24 hours while I labored. She stayed with my family while I had an emergency c-section and explained to them what was going on with me and my son. She kept it together for my husband and I and was with him the first time he got to see our son in the NICU. Tammy made our experience so much better. Going through something traumatic, especially with your children, is so much easier when you have a support person who is intelligent and knowledgable in this field-Tammy is just that! Although I was not able to have my second delivery with her, she still came to see me in the hospital and meet my second son. She is always handy for information and gives sound advice when you need it. I have called her, on her own time, and she is always more than happy to help me. I will always be so thankful that I have a friend in Tammy!

Tammy Fletcher said on Aug 12, 2011 2:08 PM

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